The FLIPPA-M2 incorporates magnets into the M1 design in much the same way the S2 does with the S1. Using these magnets in conjunction with a metallic cover, the FLIPPA-M2 can be placed at an angle or even upside-down. This way it can be installed in the sides of cabinets or other such small spaces.

To use this device a Polymeric Tab, a Cover, a Ring and a cable/power source are needed.

There are two versions: a 5V and a 12V; which can be plugged into one of our power sources, or any USB outlet. A secondary cover to let air into the space may be needed as well.

The FLIPPA-M2 slides into any of our standard rings, and can be fixed in place using screws, adding anti-theft capabilities.

The FLIPPA-M2 is available in the following colors:

Materials include:

  • PP UL V0 (fire retardant plastic)

SKU: For 5V: WR-6005, For 12V: WR-6011.