The FLIPPA-S1 is our first device. It consists of a short tube of plastic that incorporates a small fan and a timer. When used with our Polymeric Tabs, it can aromatize or neutralize bad smells in rooms of up to 30m2 (323 sqft).

To use this device a Polymeric Tab, a Cover, a Ring and a cable/power source are needed.

There are two versions: a 5V and a 12V; which can plugged into one of our power sources, or any USB outlet.

The FLIPPA-S1 slides into any of our standard rings, and can be fixed in place using screws, adding anti-theft capabilities.

The FLIPPA-S1 is available in the following colors:

Materials include:

  • PP UL V0 (fire retardant plastic)

SKU: For 5V: WR-6001, For 12V: WR-6007.